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Patriot Act results in buillshit arrest

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If there is a reason why the Patriot needs to be rolled back, it not outright repeatled, the arrest of one woman in Colorado for merely planning in MARRYING someone who might be considered a terrorist, shows just how dengerously vague the "material support to terrorists" law really is.

19-year-old Shannon Connley was arrested for was arrested for what we see as merely chatting with someone online, and then intending to marry him. The man she was to marry is appently with the terrorist group known as ISIS. As a certified nurse, whe was apparently was to work as a nurse there.

Based on this, any woman who, say, for example, marries Edward Snowden could theoretically be charged in a U.S. court. Under these crazy laws, could any woman who marries the infamous Kim Dotcom also be subject to prosecution in a U.S. court?

With this kind of bullshit, how can you protect yourself when using any kind of romance-related chat site. Here are some tips:


1. Use a VPN. Using a VPN that keeps no logs is a good solution. This will prevent the NSA from ever knowing what you are doing if they want to wiretap you. Also a lot of VPNs don't keep logs, it will have all but impossible to trace chats back to you.

2. Use programs like Evidence Eliminator or Killdisk. These programs totrally overwrite all the empty space on a hard disk, rendering even the best police forensic tools  These tools guaranteee that what IS eraaed, STAYS erase. Killdisk is the better of two, because it also has a mode that totally, and we mean TOTALLY erases a hard disk, including all partition data, to make it all but IMPOSSIBLE to know it was ever used on that disk. If you are in Canada, Britain, or Australia, this is the better choice, because of "perversion of the course of justice" statues that far mroe broader in their definition of obstructing justice, than in the United States.

3. If the chat site is using a Java or LightIRC chat client, you can use Tor on that one. Tor works by bouncing your traffic all over the world ranomly.




Narrowband feeds ending

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There will be some changes at Alpha Crucis Radio. The narrowband feeds will be going away.

The 24K and 32K feeds have existed to service dial-up Internet users. However, with some countries, particularly Australia and America, passing laws to end landline phone service, it will also mean the end of dial-up Internet, and the need to provide low bandwidth streams.

So the narrowband lines will be going away, leaving only 64K and 96K feeds. The legislatures of several Australian and U.S. states have given dial-up the final death blow, by ending the requirements for landline phone services.

Dial-up Internet is the bane of the Internet radio industry, and we, here in the industry, welcome the demise of dial-up internet at the hands of legislators in the U.S, Australia, and elsewhere.


Iranian Parliament proposes VPN ban that will be epic fail

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TEHRAN, Iran (ACRN) - Iran's Parliiament is considering a bill that would crimialise VPN use. but it they will find it impossible to enforce, that way OpeVPN works.

The bill is currently before Iran's equivalent of Judiciary committes in Australian and U.S. legislative systems. This would, perhaps, be the most draconian anti-APN law ever passed, being that this bill crminalises VPN use for circumventing state censorship. Similar laws in Oman and Pakistan make it a civil offence, but not a criminal offence

This will prove unenforceable, as the SoftEther open source VPN server allows OpenVPN on any port. The Iranian government will be playing whack a mole trying to enforce this, as operators of VPN servers using SoftEther, can use any port they want, and anyone trying to stop OpenVPN servers, on SoftEther, will be fighting a losing battle.

Despite current efforts both Iran and China to block VPN, we see a lot of connections from both countries on our listed server. We use a lot of non-standard ports so that the traffic will slip through, undetected.

This law will prove to be a EPIC FAIL, just like SOPA, with its VPN rules, wold have been it if had become law

We see a lot of connections from China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and now, even Russia, with its plans to block Twitter and Facebook. People in Russia have figured out that if you use OpenVPN servers, on non-standard ports, you activities will go undetected.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 May 2014 00:53

Arrest of political blogger proves why you need to secure your connetion with privacy tools

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MADISON, Mississippi (ACRN) - If there is proof why you need to secure your connection with a VPN, the arrest of a politcal blogger in Mississippi proves why you need to use an anonyous VPN when posting to sites like YouTube.

Clayton Kelley was arrestd a few days ago for sneaking into a nursing home and taking pictures of the wife of Senator Thad Cochran, who has apparently been bedridden for 14 years with Demetia, and posted a video to YouTube.

Doing that WITHOUT hiding behind a VPN is about the DUMBEST thing one can do. Becuase YouTube, like a lot of other web sites, have a database backend, the goverment get you now WITHOUT having to serve YouTube, or any site, without a court order. The database has  to be exposed to the network, for a lot of software to use it. MySQL has one flaw, the database program NO logs. So the govermen could break into the database, get the information they needed, and they webmasters would NEVER know the government was there.

That is how the government got Bradley manning, when he posted to Wikileaks. The government will NOT tell you this, but WE *WILL*. They could have broken into the MySQL backend at WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange would have NEVER known the government was there.

This is a flaw that almost NOTHING can be done about, other than have good passwords for the SQL backend that are harder to break, since MySQL MUST be exposed to the network for web sites, or other software, to access it.

If you are going to post ANYTHING controversial, you NEED to use a VPN that keeps no logs, because with the flaw that MySQL has, they can totally circumvet the Fourth Amendment, to get you, and the webmasters would NEVER know the Feds were there.


Last Updated on Monday, 19 May 2014 00:55

Mexican SOPA appears to have failed

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico (ACRN) - In protests very much like what happened in America in 2011 and 2012, a well organised protest has forced the goverment to retreat on a law that could best be described as a "Mexican SOPA".

This law, that purports to combat "illegal" activity on the Internet could best be described as a cross between SOPA, and the attempts at filtering legislation in Australia, that has been attempted several times since the mid 1990s. This law would have effectively made Mexico one of the most censurious countries in the world, as far as the Internet goes.

This would have potentially allowed the government to block a wide swath of content on the Intenet.


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