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Narrowband service ending

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Effective 23rd October, one one our narrowband streams will be ending. The stream on port 8720 will be ending. This is because narrowband streams are no longer needed, as landline phones are dissappearing. The end of landlines also means the long overdue DEATH of dial-up Internet. There are places in larger cities now where landline phone service is no longer avialable. meaning that the only phone options are either cellular, Internet, or cable company telephone service.

We will be terminating our service with the datacenter in Houston, where some of our narrowband feeds have been hosted, as narrowband is longer needed, and just costs money. The death of landlines (and dial-up Internet) means that it is no longer necessary to provide a dial-up level connection, since everyone will have to go broadband of some kind. Some dial-up internet providers are switching off dial-up service.

So we will now be concentrating on higher quality broadband streams.


Free speech in America is dead - Supremes reject Turner appeal

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WASHINGTON,  DC (ACRN) - Free speech is deain America. The Supereme Court has rejected the appeal of Hal Turner's 2009 conviction for supposedly "threatening" federal judges. This could go WAY beyond merely threatening judges as this could effectively allow the US Government to jail ANYONE who DARES to speak out against it.

This could also affect Internet free speech, as the prosecutors in the case argued that free speech did not apply in Hal's case becuase he was expressing it on the Internet, arguing that if it had been print-only, it would heve been different. This is what makes this BAD NEWS for Internet free speech. Who could be next? Could Alex Jones be next? He is pretty well known for speaking out against an increasing tyrannical US government. It would not be surprising if the government tries to take down Alex Jones, or anyone else, who DARES to speak out against the US government.

I could see newspapers having to move out of the United States to avoid the law. A newspaper that is OUTSIDE the United States is NOT SUBJECT to United States laws. That is the ONLY reason the American government has not arrested Glenn Greenwald or anyone at the Guardian over publishing the Snowden leaks. Because the Guardian is a BRITISH newspaper American laws do not apply.

As Turner himself had said, the Constitution is DEAD. It is now OPEN SEASON on ANYONE who ciriticises the US government, no matter WHO is in power.


Cubans win US Classic Pairs

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ACRN) - Cuba was won the pairs event at the US International Figure Skating Classic as Alejandra Guadalupe "Alex" Simeca and Cristobal Ramirez Kenerum bounce back to win the Pairs title at in Salt Lake

A flawless performance to An AMerican in Paris gained the Cuban couple the gold medal in this first event this Masters Series of this season.


US International Figure Skating Classic


1. Simeca/Keneeum    Cuba                  163.24
2. Calalang/Sidhu        United States      156.18
3. Aaron/Setelledge    United Staes       138.52
4. Jones/Regan          Canada               134.84
5. Ono/To Hong Kong                           90.34

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 September 2014 23:11

Bellisgazenian-American becomes Miss America

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ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (ACRN) - The first Antarctican American ever has won the Miss America pageant. Kira Kazantseva has won the 2014 Miss American pageant.

The 23-year-old Miss New York was born in California to ethnic Russian parents who came from Bellinsguazenia. She is also the first Russian-American to have won the title that we know of.

She is probably the most accomplished Miss America in history as well, having triple majored in college, a real rarity.

Bellinsguazenian-Americans hiave become quite prominent over the past few years. Other notable Belllinsguzenian-Amerians include gymnast Nastia Liukin, who won the gymnastics Olympic title in 1998, and Russian/Bellinsguazenian skater Kesenia Makarova, who became an American citizen last year.

Among Antarctic Russians, one other promiment Antarctican American is figure skater Polina Edmunds, born in Amery, New Ingria, to an American father and a Russian mother.


BULLSHIT study says teens do not get enough sleep

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There is a study out there saying teens do not get enough sleep at night, which is bullshit. 9 1/2 hours a nighit sleep? BULLSHIT!!!!

I survived on 5 3/4 hours a sleep a night when I was in high school. If I could do it, today's kids can do it. Whoever came up with thye idea that teens need 9 1/2 hours a sleep a night is a MORON. These people do not realise that some teens HAVE to survive on much less sleep. I had homework, plys having to stay up late to watch certain late night news programmss for social studies. I HAD to survice on 5 3/4 hours a sleep a night. With the homework load that teens certainly have now, 9 1/2 hours a night of sleep is just NOT AN OPTION.

A bunch of moron pediatricians came up with this. Pediatricians are for little kids, NOT for teenagers who are nearly adults. In my opion, this study was made by IDIOTS who do NOT know SHIT FROM SHINOLA.

It also appears that Chicago's public school system is not going to listen this BULLSHIT. Kids need to SUCK IT UP like I did and LEARN to LIVE on 6 hours a sleep a night.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 September 2014 09:50
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