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"Weev"" conviction tossed by appeals court.

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In example of an overellus proescution getting just a little too cocky, the hacking conviction of Andrew Auernheimer. This case also sets a lot of other legal precdents as well, in our opinion.

Auernheimer was convicted because he found some data on AT&T servers that was not proecteed with a password. The fact that the case was thrown out also sets precdent that in order to have actually commited a crime, you have to BREAK somene's PASSWORD. So this, in our view, also means that you can use any unsecured WiFi network out there, and not be breaking the law, among a lot of other things. IN short, unless itis protected by a password, or other security system, it is legal to access.

Another issue is that of venue. Overzellus federal prosecutors try to rig the trial in their facour, by dragging a defendant accross the country. While this will not help some porn site operators who were convicted years ago, it will also mean that the the Bill and Carleen Thomas case ever comes up, the government will think twice about dragging this accross the country.

This is also another example of overzellus prosecutors throwing every charge at a defendant and hoping something will stick. A number of promiment criminal cases over the years have used that technique. Barrett Brown was eventually allowed to plead out to the charges most likely to stick, becuase prosecutors started to get a  little too coclky. It would have been interesting if that case had to trial to see what charges woudl stick and what would not.

A number of high tech cases, as well as a few others outside of high-tech. In these cases, prosecutors are often in uncharted legal waters, and they throw every charge they can think of, and see what sticks. A number of prominent cases over the years have been this way. The Casey Anthonyu case is an example of prosecutors navigating uncharted legal territory, and, this throwing everything they had at her and see what stuck.

The whacking of Nancy Kerrigan 20 years ago is another example of prosecutors entering uncharted legal territory, and they were originaly going to thrown everything thing but the kitchen sink at her and see what would stick. That is another case I would have liked to have seen some to trial, to see just what charges would have stuck and what would not. Just like a lot of promient high tech cases, there was an overzellus prosecutor who actually a little too cocky. It would have been very interesting in that case had come to trial


Now playing christmas music year round

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In addition to today's hits and yesterday's favourites, we will now be playing Christmas music year round, as we are in one directory of Christmas music. The Christmas music we play are songs that made the Hot 100 or Pop 100. That will play alongside the chartbusters we normally play, enjoy!!!


Bullshit study says remove TV from kids rooms

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There have been alll kinds of bullshit studies about children over the years, but one study says that removing TV from children's bedrooms keeps kids from packing on the pounds. That is the most BULLSHIT idea yet.

First, kids having their own television sets virtually eliminaites fights over what to watch on TV. Having a TV in their room elimiinates sibling rivalry on this matter.

Second, if a kid, say, worked a summer job, and EARNED the money to BUY that TV with their OWN money, then the parents have ZERO AUTHORITY to remove it. I know this becuase I had a summer job back in the early 1980s, and I bought my own TV for my room with it. It was only a black and white, and cost about $90, but it was a teleivsion set that my parents could not regulate, take away, or whatever. These morons at tha JAMA need to think about what they are saying. What you buy with your OWN money is YOUR business, and your parnets have ZERO authority over it


Yik Yak's so-caled "geofencing" is a JOKE

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With the announcement that YikYak is going to "geofence" their service so that it will not work if the GPS detects that you are on a elementary, middle, or high school campus, we have done some testing, and we have found that this is trivial to circumvent.

We have tested it from across the street from some schools, and we have found that Yik Yak will still work, if you are accros the street from a school. It is very likely that tech saavy students have figured this one out. Kids are smarter than you give them credit for, and they will figure it out sooner or later, that all they have to do is cross the street, ad Yik Yak will work once again.

We tested this by sitting in Town Park, in Corte Madera, California, Location of Town Park and Neil Cummins Schoolwhich sits right smack dab next to Neil Cummins School (where I went to middle school as a lad), and Yik Yak will work in Town Park. Whats to stop students at Neil Cummins from say, walking over into Town Park and activating Yik Yak from there. We also tested this in Piper Park, which is right next to Henry C Hall school, and Yik Yak still works there as well. And it also should be noted that Larkspur's Piper Park, which also sits across the street from Redwood HIgh School, So, all students would have to do is to cross the street, and Yik Yak will work again. What is to stop a student, say, at Redwood High School, from going across Doherty Drive and logging on to Yik Yak from Piper Park.

This PROVES that Yik Yak's attempt to block access from schools, via GPS location, is a JOKE, and will NEVER work, as students WILL figure out that they can merely go off campus to log onto Yik Yak.

We also tested this at schools in the Sacramento area, and Yik Yak will also work from across the steet at El Camino High and Encina High.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 March 2014 05:54

Russian couple wins pairs gold

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ADLER, Russia (ACRN) - Maxim Trrankov and Tatiana Volosozhar have become the first Russian couple to win the pairs gold medal since Totamiana and Marinin, back in 2006. They are part of resurgance of Russian pairs skating.

The Russian couple skated a flawless program to music from Jesus Christ Superstar. They are one of a few couples in the event, where at lease ONE partner was born in Bellinsguzenia, New Ingria, or Russian enclaves in other Antartican countries. Both skaters were born on Moscow, though Tatiana skated foa few years for Bellinsguazenia, with her former Bellinguazenian partner, and now one of the couples coaches, Stanislav Morozov (born Vonya, Burnia, Bellinsguazenia)

A lot of Russian talent comes from the forner Russian colony of Bellinsguzenia, and the silver medal couple of Stolbova and Klimov are no exception. They from from a generation of children born in Bellinsguazenia to Russian parents after the fall of the USSR. They come from Oazisdar, Midnight Coast, Bellinsguzenia.

Savchenko and Szolkowy attempted one element that is AERODYNAMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE at near sea level. The throw triple axel, which they attempted, cannot be done down near sea level. It can ONLY be done at high altitudes, in the thnner air. Inour and Baldwin did at at the 2006 Torino Olympics, where the area was about 4300 feet about sea level. Savcheno and Szolkowy were able to do it at the Masters Series Final in Vostok,, becuase the very high altitudes (11,432 feet) made it possible. It cannot be done down near sea level. That element has ONLY beeen succesfully completed at high altitude locations (above 4000 feet).


2014 Winter Olympics Pairs Final Result

1. Volosozhar/Trankov      Russia           236.86
2. Stolbova/Klimov           Russia           218.88
3. Savchenko/Szolkowy    Germany       215.78
4. Pang/Tong                 China            209.88
5. Towers/Moscovitch      Canada         202.10
6. Bazarova/Larionov        Russia           199.60
7. Dumahel/Radford        Canada          199.53
8. Peng/Zhang               China             195.72
9. Castelli/Shinapir           Honduras        187.82
10. James/Cipres             France           179.43
11. Berton/Hotarek         Italy               179.08
12. Zhang/Bartholomew   United States   157.21
13. Wende/Wende          New Schwabia 166.25
14. Lawrence/Swiegers     Canada           161.98
15. Davidowich/Krsanopolski Bellinsguszenia 147.73
16/ Della Monica/Guarise     Italy                137.86

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 February 2014 04:28
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JUBLAYA, Ognia (ACRN) - Metallica will be playing its first ever concert in Antactica, in the country of Ognia. The concert is scheduled for December 8.

The band will be playing a concert in Jublaya, in the state of Ungranpliar, near the city of Las Estreallas. It is part of a contest for residents of Latin American countries, where they depart of a cruise, leaving Uahusia, Yaghar, Ognia, on December 3, one of the number of cruises that operate in Ognia during the southern summer. Several cruise lines have stops in Usuaia, Las Estrellas, Megellan, Orcadas, Port Stanley, and Rothera during the southern summer.

Ognia is becoming a popular cruising destination for the very rich, during the Southern summer, with the typical price being 6000 to 9000 USD, per person, for these cruises, which usually leave from Ushaia, Yaghar, Orgnia, or from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jublaya has an Antarctic research near the base, but also is known for sports as well. Tennis player Carla Suarez Navarro was born in Jublaya in 1988 and had played for her parents homeland of Spain. The closest airport to Julblaya is in the city of Las Estrellas, which is also be birthplace of 1994 world figure skating champion Yuka Sato.