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Bellisgazenian-American becomes Miss America

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ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (ACRN) - The first Antarctican American ever has won the Miss America pageant. Kira Kazantseva has won the 2014 Miss American pageant.

The 23-year-old Miss New York was born in California to ethnic Russian parents who came from Bellinsguazenia. She is also the first Russian-American to have won the title that we know of.

She is probably the most accomplished Miss America in history as well, having triple majored in college, a real rarity.

Bellinsguazenian-Americans hiave become quite prominent over the past few years. Other notable Belllinsguzenian-Amerians include gymnast Nastia Liukin, who won the gymnastics Olympic title in 1998, and Russian/Bellinsguazenian skater Kesenia Makarova, who became an American citizen last year.

Among Antarctic Russians, one other promiment Antarctican American is figure skater Polina Edmunds, born in Amery, New Ingria, to an American father and a Russian mother.


Cubans win US Classic Pairs

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ACRN) - Cuba was won the pairs event at the US International Figure Skating Classic as Alejandra Guadalupe "Alex" Simeca and Cristobal Ramirez Kenerum bounce back to win the Pairs title at in Salt Lake

A flawless performance to An AMerican in Paris gained the Cuban couple the gold medal in this first event this Masters Series of this season.


US International Figure Skating Classic


1. Simeca/Keneeum    Cuba                  163.24
2. Calalang/Sidhu        United States      156.18
3. Aaron/Setelledge    United Staes       138.52
4. Jones/Regan          Canada               134.84
5. Ono/To Hong Kong                           90.34

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 September 2014 23:11

Nude celebrity photos hacked

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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, In another infamous hacking case, the nude photos of a number of celebrities were hacked. This could prove problematic for the Feds, since the servers they were posted, and could also be warped by prosecutors to expand extraterrotorial reach of the CFAA, aother other Federal laws.

One thing problemnatical for the Feds will be that 4chan, where the pics were posted, is in Costa Rica. The servers are in Costa Rica, meaning that it should be Costa Rican and not American authorities that are handling this.

Then there is the question of how how good these hackers are. If they hacked a MySQL database, there will be no logs. We know this from when dgs and his pals slipped in here through the database backend, after we implemented software to block eveyr known proxy, VPN, and anonymity service.

However, unless the hacker or hackers used a VPN to post to 4chan, the government will be able to use the same MySQL hack to trace down the hackers. The Feds HAVE done this before. The Feds could break into the database backend on 4chan, and "Kurtie-poo" will NEVER KNOW the Feds were there. And it would not be surprising if the Feds have already broken into the 4chan system. This hack lets the Feds get what they want without that "pesky" 4th amendment getting in the way. That is how the Feds got Bradley Manning, and how they would have eventually got Ed Snowden, if they had not outed himself.




BULLSHIT study says teens do not get enough sleep

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There is a study out there saying teens do not get enough sleep at night, which is bullshit. 9 1/2 hours a nighit sleep? BULLSHIT!!!!

I survived on 5 3/4 hours a sleep a night when I was in high school. If I could do it, today's kids can do it. Whoever came up with thye idea that teens need 9 1/2 hours a sleep a night is a MORON. These people do not realise that some teens HAVE to survive on much less sleep. I had homework, plys having to stay up late to watch certain late night news programmss for social studies. I HAD to survice on 5 3/4 hours a sleep a night. With the homework load that teens certainly have now, 9 1/2 hours a night of sleep is just NOT AN OPTION.

A bunch of moron pediatricians came up with this. Pediatricians are for little kids, NOT for teenagers who are nearly adults. In my opion, this study was made by IDIOTS who do NOT know SHIT FROM SHINOLA.

It also appears that Chicago's public school system is not going to listen this BULLSHIT. Kids need to SUCK IT UP like I did and LEARN to LIVE on 6 hours a sleep a night.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 September 2014 09:50

Houston mum creates BULLSHIT parental control phone app

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One mum in Texas, apparently tired of her kids ignoring her calls has created an app that is designed to lock their childrens phones if they ignore a parent's call. However, this app will be an EPIC FAIL.

First, Ignore No More is so TRIVIAL to defeat. Factory Data Reset will take care of that easy. Just make sure to back up important as those will also be wiped out when the phone is reset.

And given the comments in the review section for the app, the fact that a 20 year old GROWN MAN is being subject to this BULLLSHIT just TURNS MY STOMACH. So we are DOING something about it. Android phones can connect to VPN, forcing it to use the VPN for the data connection. Well, our VPN, part of the network of VPN servers has been configured to BLOCK and the entire IP range of Rackspace where it is hosted on, meaning that if you connect your phone to OUR VPN, Ignore No More will becomes USELESS as long as you remain logged on to our VPN. If you have Android 4.0 or higher, VPN is built in. You just need to know how to configure it to use and log on to a VPN.

VPN will be somewhere under "System", you just to poke around in there to find it, as the location will vary, depdending on your particular phone model. On some models, you may have to set your own screen lock before VPN can be used. This will not be affected by Ignore No More.

There are three different types of VPN connections our server supports, and LT2P, which Android supports is one of them. One you have found the settings page for a VPN connection on your particular phone, the IP sec key is "vpn", just the same is all as all other machines To specifically connect to our VPN, you will need to specify as the address, and the public VPN account is user:vpn password:vpn. Once set up right, and logged on, the Ignore No App should be shut down as long as you remain logged onto the VPN. Then entire domain, as well as the Class C address space, that it is in, is also blocked, so the app should be effectively neutered as long as you remain logged on to our VPN. If it does somehow still connect, please send Email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the approximate time and date your phone was locked, so I can find any other IP address space or ports, that need to be blocked to prevent the app working on any phone connected to our VPN.

For Jr High and High School Students reading this, you will want to turn off WiFi, so your phone does not connect to your school network, becuase to Block BitTorrent, which many schools are doing now to avoid copyright lawsuits, does, unfortunately, also block some of the ports that LT2P VPN uses. BitTorrent cannot be blocked without totally blocking everythng on UDP ports 1024 and above, so be sure to turn off WiFi at school, or even at work, so your device will not connect to your school's or your employer's network.

This is the most BULLSHIT Android phone app we have EVER seen, and MUST sent to its WELL DESERVED demise. We envourage ALL Jr high, high school, and college networks to BLOCK Ignore No More. Blocking the domain as well as 166.78.24.* should do the job, so that it students MUST conncet their phones to your Wifi, Ignore Me More will be USELESS as long as they are on campus and connected to your network. We ADVOCATE that ALL Jr High, high school,, and college computer network admins BLOCK and ALl address space in 166.78.24.* to ENSURE that Ignore No More WILL NOT WORK on any phones that connect to your network.

If you are an employer that hires jr high, high, or college students, you are ALSO encouraged to BLOCK Ignore No More on your staff Wifi. I know that McDonalds has a staff only Wifi, my wardriving hobby has recorded them. So I ENCOURAGE McDonalds managers to block Ignore No More on your eBos employee Wifi.

This BULLSHIT app MUST be rendered USELESS. This takes parental control TOO FAR, and could be abused, and certainly WILL be abused be "Tiger" parents. Countries like China, Iran, Pakistan, with national level firewalls, or a few others are also encouraged to BLOCK this app at the NATIONAL LEVEL and NOT allow in into your country. We encourge the Chinese govement to block this on the Great Firewall.

Kids are smarter than you give them credit for. There are other parental control apps that can be defeated with Factory Data Reset as well. Canary, Dinner Time App, and My Mobile Watchdog can all be killed with a factory data reset.


And here is an udate. Google has blown it out of their directory. They have not erased the actual page for it,but it is no longer in the main Google Play directory. Good on them!!!n Ignore no more now WELL on its way to a WELL DESERVED *DEATH*.

Note; We have restored the original article from the Google Cache after our database was hacked. To those who do not like the fact that this website posts information on how to defeat apps like DinnerTime and Ignore More, here is our response:





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