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We have recovered from a crash

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We have recovered from a database crash, so some articles will be in a different order, as some had to be recovered from google Cache of this site. We suspect the database may have been hacked, we don't know, but we have had some strange activity going on. If you made any comments on Disqus, you will have to re-submit them.


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Fundamentalist nutcase criticises Obama daughters choice of skirts

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WASHINGTON, DC (ACRN) - If there is proof that fanatical religious nuts still exist in the Republican Party, it was proven when President Obama's daughters were criticised by a right-wing GOP fucktard for their choice of dress.

The short skirts the two girls were wearing are no different that what a lot of teen girls wear and have worn for decades. When I was in high school in America 30 years ago, girls wore skirts that short, and I had girlfreinds that wore skirts that short back in the day, and there was NOTHING wrong with it. I had no problems with girlfriends wanting to show a little "skin". If Preident Obama chooses to let his daughters dress like that, there is NOTHING wrong with it. It is how young women have been dressing, for at least 30 years, if not more.

Some FUCKTARD named Elizabeth Luaten called the girls "classless" and posted an article on her Facebook page, accusing of them of dressing like they were "going to a bar". This person sounds like one of those Christian Right SHITHEADS that don't think girls and women should be allowed to wear short skrits, among other things. There is NOTHING wrong with the way the girls dressed with accompanied their father for the annual pardoning of the turkey in the East Room.

And it turns out this Luatner characted is from North Carolina, part of the old "antebellum" Soiuth, which is part of the Bible Belt". That part of America so hardline Christian fundamentalist.

This shows why the Christian Right iw WRONG for America and WRONG for the WORLD. Let us hope that Lauten character never gets into elected office. A loudmouth fundamentalist like her is the LAST thing America, or the world needs.

UPDATE: It appears that the backlash over this has caused her to resign from her comnunications director post for the GOP in Washington. We say, good, the GOP needs to distance itself from the hard-line Christian fundamentalists. It was them there nearly brought down the party yeras ago. the most scariest thing we ever saw was at the 1996 Republican Convention where there were delagates in the audience holding up signs with the Christian Coaiation logo on them.

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Another SOPA/PIPA supporter eats it

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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, (ACRN) - In antoher victory against SOPA/PIPA, another stuanch supporter has been defeated in the Louisana runoff election for Senate. Mary Landrieu has been defeated by Bill Cassidy in the runoff election in Louisiana.

At this time, the election is being called for Cassidy by a 65 to 35 margin. This is one of another string of victories in removing SOPA/PIPA supporters from Office between now, and 2018.  This is just has good as the news when another SOPA/PIPA supporter, Kay Hagan, was defeated in the November general election in North Carolina.

That makes makes 5 SOPA/PIPA supporters in the Senate who have either retired, or were defeated in elections since the SOPA/PIPA fight, back in 2011. Herb Kohl, Saxxy Chambliss and Jon Kyl have retired, while Kay Hagan and Mary Landrieu have been defeated this past time. Our next target is Barbara Boxer in 2016. She is the next one to target for removal from office in 2016, followed by Dianne Feinstein in 2018/

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US to normalise relations with Cuba

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WASHINGTON, DC (ACRN) - After nearly 53 yerars, the United States will now begin the process of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Obama has announced this move.

In a roughly 15-minute speech, Obama announced the plan to normalise relations and has declared the nearly 53-year trade embargo to be ineffective. This comes as a result of the Cuban authorities releasing Alan Gross, and America freeing the last of the "Cuban 5" prisoners, who were convicted of spying in the 1990s as a result of their attempting to track down those who committed hotel bombings in the late 1990s.

Obama also eased travel restrictions on Cuba, allowing the use of credit and debit cards in Cuba, for "licensed" travellers to Cuba, among other things. Thie travel restrictions, in our opinion, should be lifted, as they are very much ineffective.

One law that we think will be repealed is the Cuban Adjustment Act, a law which should have never been passed in the first place. The 1966 law allows virtually any Cuban who makes it to American soil to get instant permanent residency and the right to become a US citizen after just a year.

A number of Cubam exiles in Miami are quite furious about this, some calling President Obama "traitor". The hard-line exiles are the only reason that it has taken so long for Cuba and the US to restore relations. President Carter tried this in the 1970s and is cost him the election in 1980. Could Obama's actions hand the 2016 elections to the Republicans on a silver platter. In 1980, Ronald Reagan won EVERY state in the Union, even the ultra-liberal "Left Coast" states. In 1980 and 1984, Reagan took all 50 states.

With the possibility of the Cuban Adjustment Act being repealed, it is very much a possibility that large wave of defections from Cuba might take place, particularly among athletes. The Pan American Figure Skating Championships are to be held in Greensbor, next month, and there will be some skaters from Cuba in the event. Lea Menendez Kaiser and Maria Gonzales Yang are currently scheduled to compete in Greensboro.  In the pairs event, there is one Cuban couple, Oltmann and Santilian , both borh in Santa Cruz Del Norte, on Cuba's north east, between Havana and Matanzas.

There will no doubt be people who will try to defect, before The Cuban Adjustment Act is ultimately repealed. Will we see that in Greensboro at the Pan American championships next month? It is definitely a possbility.

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We are now using Disqus

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We are now using the Disqus comment system. This is being done to solve the problem of comment spam. Comment spam somtimes get so bad that it crashes the database. Disqus regularly filters out commet spam, so we don't have to. We can now ublock users in China and Vietnam. We have had to block all of China and Vietnam from accessing the site. Colocation centers, such as will remain blocked, beucase the ASSCLOWN, known as DGS, and other screen names, that still does NOT get the message that he is NOT WELCOME on this site.

You will need to register for a Disqus account in order to use the new commnenting system, by going to

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