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Your IP address is banned from accessing this website



You are coming from an IP address that has been banned, because someone violated the terms of use for this website. This also includes attempts to use proxies, VPN, or any kind of anonymity service.


We apologise to Comcast residential users, but we are forced to block all Comcast residential subscribers due to one ASSCLOWN, who does NOT get the MESSAGE that he IS NOT WELCOME on this web site. Users on Comcast business internet are not blocked. Upgrade to Comcast business if you wish to access this site


We also block those who block StatCounter. StatCounter is a valuable tool for webmasters, and we have ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone who blocks StatCounter. If you have come on here from your workplace, your admins may have chosen to block StatCounter. Please contact your admins and ask them to unblock statcounter.


Also, due to new draconian Japanese copyright laws, we can no longer allow access to this site from Japan.


Due to the new "cybercrime" law in Phillippines with its potential extraterritorial effects, all users in the Phillippines are now banned from using this site, becuase of the potential liability to web hosts.


This site is now banned to UK IP addresses becuase it might violate the draconian copyright provisions of the Serious Crimes Act.


Due to a Russian version of the Communcations Decency Act, we must now block this site to users in Russia


It is also the policy of Alpha crucis Radio to oppose web filteirng, as far as Internet radio goes. Therefore the IP ranges of all filtering providers that we know of are blocked, and it is violation of the terms of use for this website for anyone to access this site from the IP range of any vendor of filtering software, and they will be blocked, at the firewall level, once discovered.


Under extrarterritorial US laws, we must also deny any access to the remaining "Axis Of Evil" countries. Therefore Syria, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea are banned from accessing this website. If you are a foreigner currently visiting one of those countries, we apologise for the any inconvenience, but the US has decided that offshore websites owned by Americans are also subject to these laws.


Due to decision by the Canadian Radio and Tellecommunications Commission (CRTC) that all telecommunications services outside of Canada are now subject to Canadian laws, we are now blocing this site to Canadian users.






You also may be receiving this because we are currently broadcasting content that cannot legally be streamed to your country, and our blocking service cannot distinguish between the two.




If you feel you received this message in error, please Email webmaster@alphacrucisradio.net or Chilly8@hotmail.com