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This is NOT bullshit. There are reports going around that SOPA is being included in a cyber security bill, set to be unveiled next week in the Senate. According to vibes in WebPronews, and other publications seems to indicate that he intends to attach the bill as a "rider" to new cybersecurity legislation.

Anything like SOPA would DESTROY the Intenet. And people like Reid and Smith obviously do not give a SHIT about what the public wants. The American made it loud and clear they did NOT want this law last month, but it appears that TPTB don't give a shit about it.

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JAKARTA, Indonesia (ACRN) - A lot of the celebrity tabloids reporting on Selena Gomez buying Djarum cigarettes have got it totally wrong. They all claim she bought them in Tarzana, California, but that is wrong. Djarums are NOT sold in the United States.

Another clue is that there are several concerts on her current world tour in Australia, during February, so she MUST have been in Indonseia. And don't let the $10 bill in the picture out there fool you. It could have also been meant to throw off an apparnetly strict mother, of the type that believes their children are still subject to parental discipline even after growing up.

The fact that she has some concert dates scheduled in Australia is another clue. Indonesia is only a few hours flying time from Australia, so that makes it more possible that they were purchsed in Indonesia. Indonesia is about 6 to 7 hours flying time from Australia.

There are some of our detractors that might try to tell you otherwise, but Djarums are NOT sold in the United States. That are brand that is ONLY made for the Indonesian market, and it has been that way since 1951.

Djarum is the biggest cigarette maker in Indonesia, and has been known to sponsor many concert events in Indonesia by big name artists.