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Alpha Crucis Radio

Attention SSL VPN users

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Some networks do crack and sniff SSL, but there is a way to beat that, when using our SSL VPN. First, you log on to the SSL VPN, as normal. but then you log in again, while connnected to the SSL VPN, using the LT2P VPN. The trick is that you use the internal address of the server,, intead of the external address of This has been tested on Taco Bell's network, which has the most hard-ass filtering we have ever seen, and it goes through through it. This will work on filtering system. as long as you can get to our SSL proxy on port 443. It is a flaw in the filtering system that works. It works, and cannot be detected, cracked, sniffed, or blocked.


Attention non-US and non-Canadian listeners

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Our streaming and licensing provider, StreamLicensing, will be implementing geofiltering, as of March 16, as part of its copyright licensing agreement, and you may have questions, so here is that FAQ


1. Will Shoutcast still work?

Yes, it will. This ONLY applies to thoser who launch through the StreamLicensing page. Shourcast, as well as our servers, are seperate entities, so launching through Shoutcast will still work. Just look us up on Shoutcast and tune us in. You can also find us at However, do not that we wil be closing our account with MakeAVoice, using our own servers exclusively, so you will have to wait until TuneIn updates the links. Just look us up under "Alpha Crucis Radio", to find us in Shoutcast.

2. What about VPNs, will our VPN service, for office listeners, still work?

Yes, that will work. EVen if they use proxy-detection service, like we use to keep dgs and his pals out of this site, our VPN will not appear in their lists, becuase we are running off a Comcast Businiess connection, which will not appear in any of the lists, since we do not share bandwidth with any colocation centers. We simply house our servers in an apartment in Sacramento, California. It is cheaper than any colocation centers. Server farms are actually the best kinds of tenants an apartment house can have, since the only thing there, most of the time, just the compters.

3. WIll this affect the Live 365 feed?

No, Live 365 is a seperate entity, and you can still tune in that way. Just click here for the Live 365 feed


4. What if the IP addressed is alreayd "bookmarked" in Windows Media Player.

If your IP address is bookmaked in Windows Media Player, or Winamp, it will still work, since our servers operate independently of StreamLicensing. If you have the any of the IP addresses bookmarked, those will still work.



Last Updated on Monday, 16 March 2015 03:54

Baseball dying in Cuba? What one article is not telling you

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One article in a basebakk blog says that baseball is dying as a sport in Cuba, and it probably is, but what they fail to tell you is that numerous defections, like in a few other sports are really what is at the heart at it.

The Cuban Adjustment Act, 1966, allows for almost any Cuban to be granted instant permenent residency onthe spot, if they set foot on US soil,and then become a citize after one year, instead of the usual five years. This has allowed defectors in several sports, not just baseball, to defect to the U.S. and become citizens.

The article says that fewer kids are interested in baseball. That may be so, but one has to consider how many defectors there are in baseball every year. There have been many defections in baseball, and other sports

Boxing has had an incredible number of defectors over the years, when boxers know they can make big money as professionals in the United States. Those who fight in major pay per view events, even if they lose, can make millions of dollars on the pro cirrcuit.

Gymnastics has had its defectors from Cuba, the most notable is Marilu Reton, who won the gold medal for Cuba at the 1984 Olympics. Nadia Comaneche is another one, having won medals for Cuba in 1976 and 1980, bveing one of only two perfect 10s in history, and toher being Sovet gymnast Elena Shushenova, who had a perfect 10 in 1988. And one defector wwho will likely be on the U.S. team in gymnastics in Rio is Alejandra "Aly" Raissmann, who won the balance beam gold for Cuba in 2012.

Figure skating has had more defectors than in any other sport. The list linterally reads like a whos-who of Cuban skating. At the recent Pan American Championships in Greensboro, the entire Cuban team defected, and the US gets a lot of talent on its team.

Among the recent crop of new skaters is one couple with a shot at getting America its first Olympic medal in pairs skating since 1964. America has not won any Olympic skating since the Josephs in 1964. Alejandra Simeca and Crristobol "Chris" Kenerum do have a shot at possibly become America's first medallists in pairs since 1964.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 February 2015 04:03

We are now blocking ads to protect users

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We have commenced blocking ads to protect users from malware., among other things. We have begun adding known ad domains and urls at the firewall level to block ads.

While AdBlock can do this, not everyone can install AdBlock. Since our VPN and proxy service is designed to allow school, office, and institutional users to get things like Interet radio, but keep the bad stuff, like porn, gambling, and malware, out. Our VPN service is a CIPA-compliant proxy.

We block ads becuase ads often bring malware into a computer, so you can use our VPN and proxy servers on school, office, or institutional users can use our proxy and VPN without bringing in malware that can damage networks. Therefore we are in the process of blocking all ads from websites, so users to bypass school or workplace firewalls can do it safely. If website owners do not like that, they can GO TO HELL.

For sports streaming sites, like Drakulastram, we have blocked the the flash-based ads that bring in malware. Some pop-up ads may still show up, but if you close those right away, you will not bring an malware into your computer.

Asfar as YouTube, while we cannot block all ads, we have blocked the most annoying ones, the "pre-roll" ads before a YouTube video starts. The banner ads on the rest of the site cannot be blocked, but those are noy annoying like the video ads that come up before a YouTube video starts.

For shows on, one of the URLs we blocked, though we do not know which one, do block outright IRRIATING ads when watching shows. While AdBlock is detected, blocking it at the network level seems to go undetected, though we do not know which URL did the trick, since we are slowly adding them.



Government finally GETS IT, Canadian bill would STAMP OUT enviromentalists

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OTTAWA, Canada (ACRN) - Finally, some people in government have grown a BRAIN and decieded to DO something about these environmetal CRYBABIES. The new anti-terrorism bill, C-51, would by used by the government to STAMP OUT these enviroemental NUTCASES, accodring to a report published in a few Canadian newspapers.

While the bill certainly has it's other problems, the fact that that these CRYBABY enviromnetnalists would be STAMPED OUT in Canada, is one that that we, here are Alpha Crucis Radio AGREE with. Enviromentalists are a THREAT to freedom. You only need to look at nanny-state environmental laws, in many countries, to see that enviromental movement is DANGER to freedom. Despite all the other anti-freedom problems with C-51, stamping out the environmental movement will actually HELP freedom.

Once the enviromnetal movement has been WIPED OUT, in Canada, Parliament can then UNDO its equilvalent of Endangered Species Act, and other laws that have been the BANE of liberty. Shutting down enviromentali groups, like Greenpeace, is the first step towards gutting these anti-liberty enviromental laws.

America could actualy do the same thing. The Commiunist Control Act could be updated, we think, to also outlaw these groups in America. Environmentalists are just a branch of Communism, anyway, so the Communist Control Act needs to be updated to outlaw these enviromental crybbaies in America. If Canada cann do it, America, and Australia can do it as well

When the so-called "enviromental impact report" makes housing more and mroe expensive where fewer families can afford to live near work, it makes it quite OBVIOUS that laws like the Endangered Species Act have GO TO GO. It is ABOUT TIME the governments finally put these eviromental *CRYBABIES* FUCKING *OUT OF BUSINESS!!!*

These anti-liberty enviormentalistas ARE a therat to the national economomy of ANY country, and it it good to see thiat somoene is finally going to DO something about it.



Last Updated on Thursday, 19 February 2015 16:25
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